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The Arena has always been underground, both in this iteration of the Chaos World and the last.  This has usually been a sound architectural choice, as it allowed for the monsters to be kept safely away from customers, and their roars were usually inaudible through the thick layer of dirt and foundations separating the rest of the mall from the monsters below.  Unfortunately, this also means that the Arena itself is now almost entirely submerged, with staff members constantly having to come up to the reception area to catch breath.  

We've had to herd all of the monsters into a sealed-off room with a ventilation shaft leading up to the surface, which thankfully ends up outdoors, where it isn't raining.  Luckily there have only been a few monsters fatalities from the monsters fighting, but it is better than having them all drown.  The bad part is feeding them.  The room is protected by an airlock-style door system, so luckily water is able to be kept out for the most part, but unfortunately the door to the room itself does not have a slot to push food through with, so we have to go inside the room itself, drop a large amount of animal meat in there for them to feed on, and then get out.  A very dangerous job indeed, even for a warrior of my calibre.  Myself and Cecil alternate this duty currently, as it is arduous, time-consuming, and unpleasant.  And also requires one to hold one's breath for a long time.  I really wish right now I had the infinite breath capacity of a denizen of Spira.

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I am generally very good at these tasks. Would I be able to chip in?

Help would be much appreciated, but I cannot guarantee you will be paid for your efforts. You'll have to take that up with Mr. Orlandu. Thank you for your kind intents though, feeding these beasts is an unpleasant task indeed.

I'm not entirely sure I was allowed to do this, but seriously, Jecht never talks to me directly anymore, as if his sexual embarassment from the other night is carrying over into his real life. Beh, no matter. The point is, I've adjusted my schedule to allow for breaks corresponding to the feeding schedule. You can expect I'll be there when the time comes.

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