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A chance to relax
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It seems like forever since I've been able to just sit down and have a good long rest.  In actual fact it was several weeks of non-stop searching, information gathering, battling, running, working, and finally escaping, which takes its toll even upon myself, although I have always been able to ignore the weariness until I succeed in my mission.  I can only imagine how exhausted Ellone must be though, the poor girl got dragged into a lot more than either of us bargained for.  I have expressed my deepest gratitude to her, but I owe her so much more.

Adelbert and I have been taking a much needed rest.  He will be returning to his post as the head of security soon, on the Monday.  I will also be finding work and hopefully starting next week, although probably not at Pluto Security this time.  With the amount of job opportunities out there at the new mall, not working for my husband seems to be a more financially viable option.  I will most likely apply to work at the Arena.  There are only two swordsmen greater than I.  One is the founder of the Arena, and to the other I'm married.  I am sure I will be an asset.

Until next week though, we will rest as best we can.  That is harder than it sounds however, considering we are currently living with the ball of energy known as Rikku for the time being.  She's lovely and livens the place up, but tiring.  She also seems to be fond of bringing lots of random bits of machinery she picks up during the day, which isn't really helping to make our new Prosperity house into a home.  

Cid Highwind: Adelbert has asked me to let you know that you may serve as an acting manager at Pluto Security if you wish.  Adelbert will still be the Head of Security and handle a lot of the paperwork that goes with it, but in light of recent events we have agreed to lead less stressful lives, and as such he wishes to take a more back seat role in decision making.  Essentially, if you wish to make any key decisions in Pluto Security's future, you have the authority to do so.  He trusts in your capabilities and loyalty!

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I'd be willing to wager that Blademaster Frimelda Lotice is at the very least your equal, for what it's worth. She single-handedly felled more of my rank than I care to remember.

Then I would enjoy facing her in Arena combat one day. I am known in my land for facing an entire century of soldiers alone and emerging victorious, and so I have no reason to doubt my abilities. Someone has to best either myself, or someone who has previously defeated me in combat, in order for me to recognise them as a superior swordsperson.

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