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Out of the frying pan...
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We awoke to find ourselves on some sort of metal ship.  We weren't sure how we got here, but it was clear that we were far away from Macalania forest.  The last thing any of us remembers is setting up camp to evade the suddenly violent Bevelle forces, and the next thing we know we had buckets of water thrown over us and being greeted by some foreigners.  From what I knew of the dialect from the Al Bhed dictionary given to me by Rin, these people were indeed of that race, although I could not understand a word they said.  Recognising a language is one thing, but understanding it is something else entirely.  While we could have fought them off, we had no way off the ship, nor any understanding of how it operated, so we complied with their vague hand-gesture instructions until we had a better understanding of our situation.

Right now we're operating some machinery below deck.  Poor Adelbert seems to be having difficulty working things, and is getting quite a few prods from gun barrels as a result.

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Hey, I know they want us silent, but we can chat on our mobile phones! Have any idea where we are?

I'm afraid I'm not fast at texting, but thankfully this one has a QWERTY keypad. Please bear with me.

I think they're not quite sure what to do with us either, so in the meantime we're safe. They don't appear to want us dead, at any rate.

I still don't know why the Bevelle people attacked us. I thought that religion had more or less crumbled here after Yuna saved the world?


Just stick to working Adelbert, you do that too conspicuously. That's why they hit you.

Anyway, be quiet, someone's coming.

So, you're the ones Brother was talking about, huh? You're sure a weird bunch, ain'tcha?

So you can speak our language? That's very helpful. Can you tell us where we are?

Your on our salvage ship! It seems you guys got hit by a big blast of Sin's toxin, but we've been needing a little extra manpower lately. So, we got you working down here ^^

So I see.

Ellone, do you know what's going on here? I've heard of Sin's toxin before.

Hey, sorry 'bout that. It used to happen when I ate some dodgy fish way back when, it ain't nothin' to worry about.

How did you get that text? Where are we?

This shit's gettin' posted to livejournal, I guess you guys got some weird settin's on or somethin'. I was bored, so figured I'd butt in. It's pretty damn weird though, you guys bein' hit by Sin's toxin. He... I really ought not to be there, not since a couple years at least. Check me out, sexiest man alive. Not a fish.

Now I recognise you! You're Rikku, aren't you? You worked at the Mall at the Group Room! Sorry, you look a little different and it's kinda dark in here.

Hmm? I'm pretty sure I've never seen you before, and I've never worked in a Mall. Only places there are malls are where they... wouldn't like me too much. Now get back to work, or you won't get food!

You don't recognise me? Okay... But you do look different. Younger. May I ask how old you are?

15. Well, I will be in a week's time. I don't see why age matters though, when I'm the one with the grenades :D

Now get back to work, with Sin back it'll mean there's some pilgrimages starting soon, and we've gotta stop 'em!

Beatrix, she's 14? That makes her almost 3 years younger than the Rikku we know. Is this an effect of the time compression, or the Farplane?

I'm not sure. I think it's to do with the Farplane, as we're the only ones who seem to be affected in this way. I hate to say it, but our biggest comfort right now is that Jecht was able to speak to us. It means that there's still a link to the Chaos World that didn't exist 1000 years ago for Adelbert.

Either way, things just got a lot more complicated.

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