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My journey continues alone
sketch portrait
I perhaps thought that I would have a travelling partner, seeing that a Mr. Cecil Harvey had found himself in a similar location to I.  However, there is villainy in his heart.  He may have the exterior of a holy paladin much like myself, but it is merely a façade designed to hide the true evil within.  I will admit that the music playing in the Thunder Plains was not to my taste, but there is no excuse for murdering such a significant number of people to show one's displeasure.  I will not kill him for now, but should I encounter him on my travels through Spira and see him commit an act of malice, I will draw my sword on him.  Mark my words.

Continuing on with my own travels, I have since made it to Guadosalam, a mysterious town filled with an unusual race of humanoids with many tattoos and unusual hairstyles that would likely not be possible on a normal human.  Evidently, Seymour from Mallboro is from this race of people.  At Guadosalam I was able to find further directions to Luca, and was told that I would have to cross a vast river known as the Moonflow, which can only be crossed by travelling on the back of a large creature called a Shoopuf.  I am currently riding on the creature as I write this.  Assuming all goes to plan, I should be in Luca tomorrow.

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I didn't kill anybody, I just found some much needed earplugs and punched a guy in the nose for trying to remove them. People died? That is concerning. . . .

What I find concerning is that there are several corpses with slash wounds, and you having a very public inner monologue with yourself about the possibility of killing these people. I will not rule out the possibility of somebody attempting to take advantage of the situation and use you as a scapegoat, but I am not so foolish as to give you the benefit of the doubt enough to consider you a travelling companion. If you come across any other sword-wielding maniac in Spira during your travels, do let me know.

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