Busy work
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Now the the flooding has subsided, we've been able to move the monsters back into their original cages, and Mr Orlandu has been slowly replacing the monsters that were killed for food by the others.  Thankfully, the amount of monsters lost reduced thanks to Illua's assistance.  She seemed surprisingly eager to help feed the monsters, but I will not complain!  It was a job I was none too fond of.

Speaking of jobs, my work at the Arena has lately been focused into creating a smaller, simpler style of tournament that is separate from the Arena tournaments we all know and love.  Cecil said that while the main Arena tournaments are big money earners, they are high-maintenance for both the Arena staff and the participants, and as such cannot be performed as frequently as we would like, which leads to a sporadic cash flow.  With the development of the Mini Arena (name may be subject to change), we aim to have smaller, less high-profile battles between people using a simpler set of rules.  These will be more frequent and as such will likely result in smaller turnouts, but with a strong emphasis on betting for spectators, we hope to make a killing from lost bets.  

Look for the Mini Arena in the near future!  I, for one, will be participating.

The Arena has always been underground, both in this iteration of the Chaos World and the last.  This has usually been a sound architectural choice, as it allowed for the monsters to be kept safely away from customers, and their roars were usually inaudible through the thick layer of dirt and foundations separating the rest of the mall from the monsters below.  Unfortunately, this also means that the Arena itself is now almost entirely submerged, with staff members constantly having to come up to the reception area to catch breath.  

We've had to herd all of the monsters into a sealed-off room with a ventilation shaft leading up to the surface, which thankfully ends up outdoors, where it isn't raining.  Luckily there have only been a few monsters fatalities from the monsters fighting, but it is better than having them all drown.  The bad part is feeding them.  The room is protected by an airlock-style door system, so luckily water is able to be kept out for the most part, but unfortunately the door to the room itself does not have a slot to push food through with, so we have to go inside the room itself, drop a large amount of animal meat in there for them to feed on, and then get out.  A very dangerous job indeed, even for a warrior of my calibre.  Myself and Cecil alternate this duty currently, as it is arduous, time-consuming, and unpleasant.  And also requires one to hold one's breath for a long time.  I really wish right now I had the infinite breath capacity of a denizen of Spira.

A chance to relax
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It seems like forever since I've been able to just sit down and have a good long rest.  In actual fact it was several weeks of non-stop searching, information gathering, battling, running, working, and finally escaping, which takes its toll even upon myself, although I have always been able to ignore the weariness until I succeed in my mission.  I can only imagine how exhausted Ellone must be though, the poor girl got dragged into a lot more than either of us bargained for.  I have expressed my deepest gratitude to her, but I owe her so much more.

Adelbert and I have been taking a much needed rest.  He will be returning to his post as the head of security soon, on the Monday.  I will also be finding work and hopefully starting next week, although probably not at Pluto Security this time.  With the amount of job opportunities out there at the new mall, not working for my husband seems to be a more financially viable option.  I will most likely apply to work at the Arena.  There are only two swordsmen greater than I.  One is the founder of the Arena, and to the other I'm married.  I am sure I will be an asset.

Until next week though, we will rest as best we can.  That is harder than it sounds however, considering we are currently living with the ball of energy known as Rikku for the time being.  She's lovely and livens the place up, but tiring.  She also seems to be fond of bringing lots of random bits of machinery she picks up during the day, which isn't really helping to make our new Prosperity house into a home.  

To Cid HighwindCollapse )

Out of the frying pan...
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We awoke to find ourselves on some sort of metal ship.  We weren't sure how we got here, but it was clear that we were far away from Macalania forest.  The last thing any of us remembers is setting up camp to evade the suddenly violent Bevelle forces, and the next thing we know we had buckets of water thrown over us and being greeted by some foreigners.  From what I knew of the dialect from the Al Bhed dictionary given to me by Rin, these people were indeed of that race, although I could not understand a word they said.  Recognising a language is one thing, but understanding it is something else entirely.  While we could have fought them off, we had no way off the ship, nor any understanding of how it operated, so we complied with their vague hand-gesture instructions until we had a better understanding of our situation.

Right now we're operating some machinery below deck.  Poor Adelbert seems to be having difficulty working things, and is getting quite a few prods from gun barrels as a result.

Acting on Faith
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Tonight we head for Besaid in order to get into the Farplane. Ideally I would like to get into Bevelle as theirs is the only Farplane entrance that existed in the past, and it may shorten our search somewhat if we entered via the same route as Adelbert, but they do not want to allow anyone to just walk in, especially somebody who is not a native of the world. I am told that there is an entrance at Besaid, so that will have to do. I can only hope that the Farplane is not too great a place, but I am not optimistic about it. Somewhere that allows one to commune with the dead and does not adhere to the same rules of space and time as the rest of the world does not suggest 'small and easily navigated' to me.

Unfortunately, we are acting only on faith. Adelbert did not appear at the Farplane entrance, but I will take this as a positive sign. It probably means he is still alive. Ellone has been unable to detect his presence in the past since we sent my consciousness back in time, but that may simply because the effects of the Terras Esperadis have worn off.

I am grateful for Ellone's support at this time. I feel like I have gained a friend out of this ordeal.

mr mrs steiner
Today, Ellone came with me to Zanarkand and I entrusted my life to her.  We found a reasonably safe looking location, and Ellone drank the vial of Terras Esperadis.  Shortly after I heard a piercing whistling noise and felt incredibly sleepy all of a sudden, and the next thing I know it was like I was having a lucid dream, only I was seeing things through the eyes of Adelbert. 

Adelbert was running around the landscape, apparently lost and bewildered, but doing what he did best - providing help to those who needed it.  And trust me, a lot of people needed it.  There were thousands upon thousands of refugees, some of whom were lucky enough to escape the utter destruction of Zanarkand, and others who had also evacuated from other major cities and built up areas, and were now living in the relative safety of shanty towns.  From the looks of things the shanty town had been around for quite awhile, and was large and expansive.  I suspect that at least a year had passed since Sin first appeared, although it may be more.  Not too much more I hope - having my Adelbert suddenly become several years older than myself could be a jarring experience.

Since I was aware that I was in Adelbert's mind and not just having a vivid dream, I began concentrating as hard as I could, willing Adelbert to make his way into Bevelle and get into the Farplane, whatever it took.  He seemed to be confused at first, but thankfully he did not take it to be an evil entity willing him to do something - he seemed to think it was his own idea, but was unsure as to why he thought that.  Nevertheless, he knew that he had to make it into Bevelle and get into the Farplane entrance at its lowermost point.  It will be hard, but he can do it.  After all, he made it out of a hanging cage in the Alexandria dungeon and fought his way through dozens of guards with only Zidane for support.  He can do it.  He HAS to.

I have since woken up, and when I've fully regained my senses (I am rather dizzy and have a ferocious migraine), myself and Ellone are going to travel first to Guadosalam and see if we can communicate with Adelbert from there, and if so, fight our way into the Farplane to bring him out.

No time link
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After travelling into the Chaos World for the first time since the cataclysm, I was unfortunately unsurprised to see that there was no portal to Zanarkand back in the days before it was destroyed by Sin, and ended up amongst the rubble where I was beforehand.  I have since decided to remain in the Chaos World, since it is the only place other than the 8th World that I am aware of time shifts occurring, thanks to Ultemicia's magic.  Unfortunately she is nowhere to be seen, however.  

A lead
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I have a new lead on how to save Adelbert.  I heard from a person I met on my travels that a place known as the Farplane, which is this world's equivalent to an afterlife exists, only it is a real, physical place.  This is a place where the 'sent' dead may interact with the living in what I consider to be a rather ungodly twist of nature, but is apparently normal to this world.  I hope in my heart that this strange afterlife exists only for the people of Spira, and not for those of Gaia.  The Farplane is rumoured to be accessible via mysterious pits at the end of certain Cloisters of Trials, which are where summoners visited on their pilgrimage.

Considering that the Farplane can allow people to meet with people who have been long since dead as they would the recently deceased, it is possible that the Farplane itself exists outside the realms of time.  If Adelbert were to find a way into the Farplane himself somehow (excluding the easy, one-way method) I may be able to bring him out.  Telling him to do this is unfortunately the hard part.

A portal has opened at the Zanarkand ruins.  I am heading there now in order to test if it is possible to visit a Spira of the past using the same portal, somehow.  Thankfully I met a group of Al Bhed sphere hunters known as the Gullwings while I was in Luca, and they have offered to take me directly to Zanarkand once I told them that I had met Yuna in the Chaos World.

pencil portrait
I finally made it to Luca, and I headed straight for the Sphere Theatre to get the sphere repaired.  It did not take them long at all, and I paid them extra for getting the job done with utmost priority.  Thankfully gil seems to be an almost literally universal currency, so I did not find myself short on funds.  I had not wasted time on defeating monsters on the way here, and so had gathered very little additional funds on my travels.  With the work done, I immediately played the Sphere using their machine to project it onto a large screen.

The Contents of the SphereCollapse )

I will find you Adelbert.  I will get you back somehow.

My journey continues alone
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I perhaps thought that I would have a travelling partner, seeing that a Mr. Cecil Harvey had found himself in a similar location to I.  However, there is villainy in his heart.  He may have the exterior of a holy paladin much like myself, but it is merely a façade designed to hide the true evil within.  I will admit that the music playing in the Thunder Plains was not to my taste, but there is no excuse for murdering such a significant number of people to show one's displeasure.  I will not kill him for now, but should I encounter him on my travels through Spira and see him commit an act of malice, I will draw my sword on him.  Mark my words.

Continuing on with my own travels, I have since made it to Guadosalam, a mysterious town filled with an unusual race of humanoids with many tattoos and unusual hairstyles that would likely not be possible on a normal human.  Evidently, Seymour from Mallboro is from this race of people.  At Guadosalam I was able to find further directions to Luca, and was told that I would have to cross a vast river known as the Moonflow, which can only be crossed by travelling on the back of a large creature called a Shoopuf.  I am currently riding on the creature as I write this.  Assuming all goes to plan, I should be in Luca tomorrow.


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