Bevelle and Luca
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I found a grimy and very old Sphere hidden in a thicket of Macalania Forest.  Thankfully I knew what it was and how to operate it thanks to Adelbert installing them in the mall for security purposes, and I discovered that what was contained on the Sphere was a recording of none other than Adelbert himself!  Unfortunately the picture was grainy and the sound was intermittent and so I was unable to hear much beyond the occasional word, but it was definitely him!  His face is unmistakeable. Could he have ended up in the same world as I?

Lacking further clues, I decided to head northwest to Bevelle as per the instructions of Marche.  While I find his apparent omniscience unnerving, his was the only information I had to go on.  After navigating my way through the winding Macalania Forest, I find myself at Bevelle, although I found that the city was particularly xenophobic, and I was refused entry into the city proper.  However, from the few people in a similar predicament I found around the outskirts of the city, I was told of a similarly powerful city known as Luca which features a sphere theatre, which is used to play Spheres in much higher definition, and they even are able to restore damaged Spheres!  I know now where I have to go.  I will find Adelbert.

I returned through Macalania Forest and headed south into the appropriately named Thunder Plains.  It is a dangerous area, and I have barely dodged a couple of lightning strikes that would certainly have caused severe injury.  Along the route I came across a safe haven known as Rin's Travel Agency.  While I was there I met the owner, who informed me he had several such travel agencies around the world of Spira, located conveniently in the middle of long, dangerous routes for the benefit of travellers.  He also gave me an Al Bhed dictionary.  Apparently the Al Bhed are a group of people that speak using a strange inverted form of the English language.   He told me that it was an upgrade from the primers he used to have, because people complained that having a book that taught only a single letter translation was rather worthless on its own.  I have decided to stay here for the night.  It is late and I would rather not risk crossing the rest of the plains while I am slightly tired.  I hope I am able to sleep well here, considering the noise.

E muja oui, Adelbert.  I think I got that right.

Unfamiliar Territory
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The situation is dire.

I'm in an unfamiliar place, which I'm quite convinced is neither the Chaos World nor Gaia.  However, it is incredibly beautiful.  It can only be described as a crystal forest, although due to a dense canopy the forest is bathed in a perpetually blue hue thanks to the light that reflects off the crystals from the large glowing flies that can be seen throughout the area. 

But despite the beauty, I must remain on my guard.  I do not know where I am or what dangers lurk, although I am confident I will be able to tackle almost any threat that faces me.  I must be thankful that I had my sword on my person when... whatever happened, happened.  I'm a practical person however - the reasons for my being here are of little importance, and only evaluating my current situation, determining my location, securing my own safety and finding Adelbert are my top priorities.  I worry for him.  His fighting skills are exceptional, but he lacks adaptability and common sense.  I can only hope he ended up somewhere with something familiar to him.

For those interested, I am posting this message on a mobile phone.  I happened to be investigating a stolen shipment from the Ringtone House in Calamity, and a suspicious person tried to sell me one of those iPhone type products for a very low price.  It was in my hands when this event occurred, so now I have it with me.  Were it from an honest salesman I would have felt a little guilty for accidentally stealing the phone, but I feel no remorse for the loss of an opportunist thief.


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