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Busy work
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Now the the flooding has subsided, we've been able to move the monsters back into their original cages, and Mr Orlandu has been slowly replacing the monsters that were killed for food by the others.  Thankfully, the amount of monsters lost reduced thanks to Illua's assistance.  She seemed surprisingly eager to help feed the monsters, but I will not complain!  It was a job I was none too fond of.

Speaking of jobs, my work at the Arena has lately been focused into creating a smaller, simpler style of tournament that is separate from the Arena tournaments we all know and love.  Cecil said that while the main Arena tournaments are big money earners, they are high-maintenance for both the Arena staff and the participants, and as such cannot be performed as frequently as we would like, which leads to a sporadic cash flow.  With the development of the Mini Arena (name may be subject to change), we aim to have smaller, less high-profile battles between people using a simpler set of rules.  These will be more frequent and as such will likely result in smaller turnouts, but with a strong emphasis on betting for spectators, we hope to make a killing from lost bets.  

Look for the Mini Arena in the near future!  I, for one, will be participating.


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