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pencil portrait
I finally made it to Luca, and I headed straight for the Sphere Theatre to get the sphere repaired.  It did not take them long at all, and I paid them extra for getting the job done with utmost priority.  Thankfully gil seems to be an almost literally universal currency, so I did not find myself short on funds.  I had not wasted time on defeating monsters on the way here, and so had gathered very little additional funds on my travels.  With the work done, I immediately played the Sphere using their machine to project it onto a large screen.

*Steiner can be seen in a clearing in a vaguely familiar forest, talking in a hushed voice into the sphere*

"Thank God I learned how to use these things at the Mall.  Ahem.  My name is Adelbert Steiner.  Something happened in the Chaos World which caused it all to collapse, and I ended up in a very impressively high-tech city called Zanarkand.  I had heard of this place before, a man named Jecht often gloated that the old blitz pool on top of the mall was based on the one his team used in Zanarkand, before it got destroyed.  But the Zanarkand I appeared in wasn't destroyed in the slightest; it looked like thriving, wealthy and industrious city .  People even laughed at me for my practical attire!  Insolent youths.  Thanks to this nobody took me seriously when I asked where I was or what had happened to the people at Mallboro - most of them seemed too pre-occupied with a big upcoming Blitzball match.  

It was then that I came across a young, dark-skinned boy wearing a hooded jacket that covered most of his face.  He told me that I was an anomaly, that I was not supposed to be there and should escape the city immediately.  I asked him who he was, but he merely pointed at the nearest exit.  He seemed unusually wise and powerful despite his childlike appearance.   I don't know how I know this, but I just got a gut feeling that I should listen to him.  I thanked him and ran out of the city, picking up a discarded sphere I found on the way out - the one into which I am speaking.  

Only minutes after I had left Zanarkand, a disaster happened.  A large sphere of water emerged from the waters on the other side of the city and began laying waste to it.  I could hear explosions and screaming, but I was unable to do anything.  I turned to go back, but the small boy appeared almost out of nowhere and told me to stop, and that this was not my story.  I attempted to argue, and carry on anyway, but some force prevented me from proceeding further.  I watched in horror as the city was reduced to ruins in a matter of minutes, reminding me of the painful memory of the destruction the Eidolons wrought upon the cities of Gaia.  

Knowing there was nothing more that I could do, I turned away and decided to seek help from a neighbouring city.  Bevelle is reasonably close.  I have stopped briefly along the way to record this.  I realise now that I am in Spira's past, a time long before the time Yuna and her companions are from.  I am recording this in the hope that somebody in the future is able see this and recognise me, and perhaps bring me back to my own time, and back to the Chaos World or Gaia.  And if that is not possible, then I hope that whoever sees this is able to relay a message to my beautiful wife, Beatrix.  Tell her I will always love her, and to be happy."

I will find you Adelbert.  I will get you back somehow.


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